ENM Solutions | Furniture Rental
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Furniture Rental

Events/Trade Show Furnishing Rental

All that you need to complete your events/exhibitions.  We have furniture, exhibitions systems and display accessories for rent to enhance the design of your exhibition booth, or conference venue to make an impression that lasts beyond the show.

Backdrop banner with counter – ENM001

Pullup banner backdrop – ENM002

Pullup banner
– ENM003

PVC banner
– ENM004

2 pc banner backdrop – ENM005

3 pc banner
– ENM006

X-banner stand – ENM007

Lightbox Signage – ENM008

Sticker on display – ENM009

Printed collateral – ENM010

Tripod easel
– ENM011

Brochure stand – ENM012

Clip pole – ENM013

Bill board – ENM014




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